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Coping w/ PTSD Group


Are you hanging by a thread? In dire need of balance between your work and personal life & keeping your triggers under control?


I facilitate a weekly psycho-education group focusing on different techniques that can be easily learned & applied to help you come back to your center, get grounded, & release long-held stress & tension from your body as a result of PTSD. Also learn on-the-spot techniques for when your PTSD is triggered.


**no group scheduled at this time**


Each group meets weekly for 8 weeks.



Support Group for those who have loved ones suffering from PTSD


If you have a loved one suffering from PTSD, guess what? You need support too!


 I also facilitate a weekly support group that focuses on: prevention of vicarious traumatization, stress-relieving techniques, and holding space for you to share your experience with others like you in a safe container.

**no group scheduled at this time**


Preventing Burnout-Deepening Self-Care for Helping Professionals


How happy are you with your current level of self-care? Do you even take time to tend to your own needs, or do you give all of your time & energy away to others?


Join me for a 3-hour venture into best practices for putting you, the caretaker/therapist/nurse, at the top of your own To-Do List!


This will be a fun, experiential workshop providing many tools you can go home and practice immediately on your own.

**no classes scheduled at this time**


Date: TBD

Time: 10am-1pm

Cost: $50

Location: Connections CEU Institute

                      405 Alberto Way, Ste A
                        Los Gatos, CA 95032



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Hangry for "Me Time" ??


Do you feel more connected to your job, your spous or your kids than you do to yourself? How often do you check in with YOU and find out what YOU want/need, desire?


I'm starting a self-connectedness group that will meet weekly to dedicate 1 hour to YOU. 


You will be gently guided in a meditation to connect with your own needs  & desires, and then given optional prompts for your own journaling, and will have plenty of space to focus on what's most important to YOU in that moment.


Each week begins and ends with a short grounding meditation.


Minimum 4-week commitment required.

**no group scheduled at this time**


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