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At Jessica Ruby Hernandez | Holistic Psychotherapy, my mission is to help people find their inner power and path to healing through holistic healing practices. My holistic services are designed to be complementary to psychotherapy and allow my clients to access the unconscious, receive the wisdom of their bodies & soul, as well as gain insight into their emotional and mental wellbeing. I offer a unique approach to holistic healing that combines intuitive healing arts, mindfulness, and somatic practices that help to bring balance, clarity, and harmony to all areas of life.​My intention is to provide a safe and nurturing space for people to explore their inner world, heal, and grow. Check out the intuitive healing options I offer below!

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Cord Cutting

Cord Cutting is a beautiful intuitive healing session that I offer to help people heal past and current relationships.

When you cut a cord, you’re asking the relationship to move to its highest potential. This is a gift not only to your own personal growth, but also to your inner peace, and the health of the relationship.

This is great for anyone wanting closure and healing from ended relationships as well as for people wanting healing and new beginnings in current relationships, and can be applied to a wide variety of relationships, be it blood relatives, lovers, friends, authoritative figures, and more.

Akashic Record Reading

Having your Akashic Records read for you is a fun and fascinating way to get a deep look into who you are at the soul level, aka your essence. For those who have always felt different, or like they don't fit in anywhere, this reading can bring you insight and validation for who you know yourself to be at your core.

There's a lot of uncanny information that can be learned about yourself in an Akashic Records reading.

Great for soul searchers, seekers of truth, and those who have a spiritual take on life.

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Energy Clearing

Energy Clearing is a remote intuitive offering that can give you an instant boost in mood, reduction of stress, and overall sense of wellbeing.


Great for people who identify as Highly Sensitive or Empaths as part of their "energetic hygiene" routine.

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