an inner journey of wisdom and merriment


What is This About?

For so many people, self-care feels like a chore. There's a heaviness to the topic because a lot of us carry around the shame of "not doing enough," and then there's that feeling of burnout from, well, not doing enough!

I want to take the heaviness away and bring back the fun, the silly, and the permission for us adults to play. For kids, everything is a game, so why not gamify our adult tasks?

You see, when we make life fun again, we actually want to do "the things," like taking stellar care of ourselves!

So, wanna play with me? Read on for details!

Are You Burnt Out and Bored with Life?

I invite you to come along with me on a monthly adventure, an inward journey, to get in touch with the things that make your Soul sing and shine a little brighter; in short, it's a journey to reclaim your radiance.

We will rest, play, and
you can take what you need.

My Decree:

Self-care is meant to be fun & entertaining.

Self-care is meant to be meaningful.

Self-care is meant to feel good in your body.


In my world there's zero shaming for not being further along.

Zero decrees of 'not good enough.'

Zero judgments of 'too much this' or 'too little that.'

There's just taking care of our bodies, relaxing our minds, & nurturing our souls.

Think of your inner child....when's the last time you connected with them?

I see your inner child as your soul.

It's time to let your soul out for air, and let your inner child out to play again.

Come play with me! "Self-Care" does not have to feel like a chore!

Each month we will voyage to a different "magical kingdom"
to play with various themes such as:

  • Coming Home to Yourself

  • Meeting Yourself Where You're At

  • Flowing with Change

  • Honoring Your Body

  • Remembering Who You Are, and more!

The Tools & Resources we'll use on our journey are:

Each month will be a new journey with inner radiance-enhancing experiences and content that haven't been offered anywhere else. As a minimum, each month will include:

  • 45-75 min all-levels Yoga class video ($15 value)

  • 20-40 min EFT Tap-along video ($15 value)

  • 5-15 min Meditation audio ($10 value)

  • Journaling Prompts on Monthly Theme pdf ($10 value)


PLUS 1-3 of the following (different each journey):

  • 5-15 min Guided Breathwork video ($10 value)

  • Printable Art Affirmation Cards pdf ($10 value)

  • 10-20 min Guided Nature Encounter audio ($10 value)

  • Mini Art Projects that support the month's theme ($10 value)

  • Storytelling, playlists, recipes & more! (priceless!)


No part of the journey will be repeated, and each month's "destination" will only be offered for a limited time, so sign up now to begin your own journey of discovery within today!

The current Journey:
~June edition~
The "Other" is Love

*Available to purchase now through June 30th, 2021*

In June we will journey to the land of “the Other”, a place most of us avoid and run for cover. Why, because it’s unknown and can be scary. But we’re going there together, so no fear, don’t be wary!

We will begin by facing “the Other” within ourselves, as we stretch our bodies towards our higher truths with some fun yoga poses. We stretch so we don’t break on this journey. And maybe your comfort zone will be expanded as well 😉 

Next, the journey takes us to a mirror, to tap on and reflect on what "The Other" means for each of us individually, and how that affects our relationship with ourselves. Was it the chicken or the egg first? Who knows! 

Then we will find solace, heart opening, and deep love for all involved at the meditation pond where we will gather and spread LovingKindness. 

We then find ourselves in a cave with a demon! But don’t worry, it’s not there to hurt you. (I promise) There’s treasures and even an ally to be found through nurturing and listening to the beast. 

What a journey so far! We should write this down! And you will at the next stop, the Scribe of No Other’s workshop, to sort all the thoughts expanding your mind and reflect a bit further on what makes an "Other."


Finally, a bonus to be performed with an Other, and a souvenir to remind you of the bottom line throughout this whole journey, the common thread running through every outpost in this sacred, foreign land:
The “Other” is Love. 

During this journey, may your eye gaze soften, so you may widen your perspective. May your ears soften, so they may hear your deeper truths bubbling up to the surface. And may your heart soften and be ever expanded to give and receive unconditional love. 

This journey is for the brave but also the curious. The lovers and the haters. The connoisseur of self-healing and the creator of one’s own reality. All are welcome, few will join.

Are you game?

This journey expires June 30, 2021.  


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What People Are Saying


“It’s light-hearted, but definitely some deep stuff!” 


"Such a thoughtfully laid-out journey. I feel like I've grown this month!"


Wow! I really loved the tapping video in January's Journey. It helped me ground into the moment and into my body and calm myself after a stressful day. I felt proud of myself for taking some time for my self-care. 😊