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Looking for a Speaker?


 I would love to share my expertise
 on the following topics:


  • Helping people heal from trauma 

    • including PTSD, panic attacks, & anxiety

  •  Creating self-care rituals

  • Using EFT Tapping - a self-empowerment tool

  • Bringing mindfulness into everyday life

  • Tips for Highly Sensitive People (HSP's)


 If you would like me to speak at your event or
 to your group, please use the contact form 
 to connect with me. 

Jessica Hernandez, MA, LMFT, E-RYT


My background is in clinical psychology, nutrition, yoga + meditation, & life coaching. Why do I include all of this in my therapy practice? Because I think they're all interrelated, and all fundamental for guiding a person back to their sense of
wholeness and wellbeing.


Moreover, on a spiritual note, my practice is guided by the belief that humans are inseparable from the rest of Nature, and that healthy interactions with the Earth are healing and nurturing to one’s Soul.

That is why I call myself a Holistic Psychotherapist.


With this in mind, some of the tools I will use in our therapy sessions may include energy psychology (EFT/Meridian Tapping), internal parts work, creative visualization, somatic work (basically, listening to your body), mindfulness skills, nutritional suggestions (always check with your doctor though), art practices (zero experience required-it’s more about the process), nature encounters, and learning new coping, self-soothing and other skills.


My goal is to help you build, strengthen + balance your mind, body, & spirit connection as a path to your sense of wholeness and a fulfilling life.


The bottom line: I intend to help you feel good about who you are and how you experience life.


What to expect:

Be prepared for some honest self-inquiry prompts, and to have your beliefs, perceptions, interpretations, & assumptions about your life questioned. Why? Because we create our own reality more often that we like to think, and it is my intention to shine a flashlight on your thinking process, never to judge, but in order to help you grow and stay aligned with what you truly desire.


Please Note: We will use these tools either online in my virtual office, or in a previously agreed upon natural setting in order to allow Nature to provide its own therapeutic input.

Even more pertinent:

It is my intention that I work with highly motivated people ready to make shifts
in their inner and/or outer world. It doesn’t have to be lightning-fast shifts; in fact,
baby steps are an absolute must for success in a person’s transformation. And we'll always go at your pace.


We've all been stuck in blame and excuses mode, myself included; however, If you’re not ready to take ownership of your life and leave behind excuses and blaming others for how your life is, then you may not be ready to work with me . . . yet!


                                    If you’re not sure if I’m a good fit for you, click the button to read
                                    why I may not be the right therapist for you,



                                            and set up your no-cost 15-minute phone consultation to
                                            discuss how this style of therapy can help you.

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