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The Sanctuary Within

Dive into the sanctuary of your soul with these 10 guided meditations and visualizations set to the healing music of didjeridoo and alchemy crystal singing bowls.

10 Guided Meditations & Visualizations to Access Your Inner Resources, Heal the Pain of Trauma and Regain Your Sense of Self. 

Learn how to cope with anxiety and fear through simple mindfulness and breathing exercises to calm your body, mind & soul.

Listen to the bonus tracks above, and click the icon below to hear/purchase the whole CD

Physical CD's available for purchase as well. Please email HERE to purchase.

CD features: 

  • Full length-74 minutes of healing guided meditations, visualizations, & relaxation techniques

  • Stellar musicianship with a unique soundscape of calming/grounding didgeridoo and alchemy crystal healing bowls.

  • Created with those dealing with trauma recovery and chronic stress in mind, and can also be used for general stress management and sleep problems.

  • Techniques on CD successfully used with victims of domestic violence, cancer patients, and with Iraq war veterans pre, during, and post-deployment.

back cover of the sanctuary within CD with track listing and picture of Jessica

What People are saying about the CD

P.L., San Jose, CA


“I use your CD to help me sleep.”

J.S., Moss Beach, CA

“This CD is perfect and powerful. What a gift you are bringing, I plan to use it regularly. Every word was wisdom, the music was beautiful & your voice was so nurturing and relaxing!”

G.M., Minnesota

“I have really enjoyed your CD. Thank you for this gift.” 

N.A., Phoenix, AZ

“So I listened to your CD. UhMayZing. Seriously. It relaxed me so much that I started to cry…especially the “envisioning your future” part. I haven’t been able to sleep recently because I have been so stressed and you helped me a TON. THANK YOU!♥♥♥”

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