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Sound Healing

Since the dawn of time, humans from every corner of the world have been using sound vibration and musical instruments to aid the physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing of each other.
It is my honor to offer my version of sound healing to you as well!

What to expect in a sound healing?

Most people find the Sound Healing very relaxing – both physically and mentally. Many people say that it is like being in a state of lucid dreaming where you body is completely relaxed and yet you are still aware of your surroundings. You may experience stress melting away, improved mental clarity and focus, restoration of inner balance and harmony, release of physical pain and/or emotional anxiety as well as deep relaxation.


Each session is unique based on your individual needs. You are in charge how far and how deep your journey with sound will take you. Sometimes all you need is just to relax. The more you can relax during your sound healing, the more you will benefit from the sympathetic resonance that occurs when the sound waves meet your body, and the water in your body starts to vibrate at the same healing frequencies as the instruments being played.


What are the Benefits?

People report the following:

  • Reduced Stress

  • Deep Relaxation

  • Decreased Anxiety & Depression

  • Stabilized Mood

  • Quieter Mind

  • Improved Sleep

  • Increased Sense of Inner Peace & Joy

Furthermore, Sound Healing puts you in a meditative state, which research supports providing these additional benefits:

  • Lower Blood Pressure

  • Pain Management

  • Lower Cholesterol

  • Improved Memory

  • Improved Management of Behavioral Disorders & Learning DIfficulties

How to prepare?

Wear comfortable clothes and avoid eating a heavy meal within an hour prior the session. You will want to be in a comfortable sitting or laying down position with a blanket and eye pillow, or anything else that you may need to feel warm and comfortable. Also, very important: use headphones so you can get the full effect of the Sound Healing. I will be using a professional grade microphone so that the sound quality is high on my end.


In your first session, I recommend that you just relax and allow the sounds to meet your body and flow over you – simply enjoy the journey. In subsequent sessions, you may want to start focusing on a particular issue or intention. I will help you formulate one and will also provide guidance for practices you can do at home after the session if desired.


What is the format?

Each 60 minute sound healing session is tailored to your needs, which is why I have you fill out an intake form before the 1st session to get clarity of your needs. 


We will start with a tour of the instruments and volume testing to insure the auditory experience is ideal for you. If you like, I will do an energy scan of your chakras to see how your energy body is doing. Then we will move into some simple breathing exercises to help you settle in. You may choose to set a specific intention for the session, or you might just want to relax and let the sounds guide you where you need to go.


I will surround you with sounds from various instruments such as singing bowls, drums, chimes, gong, rattles & other texture instruments, as well as my voice, to support your journey towards harmony in your physical, emotional, and spiritual body.


At the end I will guide you back to the present and give you some aftercare tips.  You may wish to journal about what came up for you, and if there’s time, we can process some of that together. At a minimum, please drink a lot of water, since the sound vibration affects the liquids in your body.


How often should I receive a sound healing?

For deeper and longer-lasting results, I recommend that you have a series of sessions based on your individual needs. Preferably one weekly session or a minimum one session in every two or three weeks until you feel comfortable with the changes in your life.


How do I pay?

I am offering sound healing on a sliding scale currently at $90-$150. Your choice!

I accept payments via credit cardVenmo, Paypal & Zelle.

How do I schedule?

Contact me here to set up your 60-minute sound healing session over zoom.

What if I want a session in person for myself
or my group/team/gathering

Contact me here to see if that's something that can be arranged!

Can I add this to my Psychotherapy session?

Current clients can Contact me here to arrange for a 90-minute session to include 30-40 minutes of Sound Healing in your therapy session.

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Intake Form

Fill out this intake form before your 1st sound healing session so I can tailor the sound to your needs.

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Consent & Waiver Form

This is to be filled out before your first session, so we're all on the same page.

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Feedback Form

I would love to know how your session was for you! Please share any feedback and/or testimonials with this form.

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