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Individual Therapy



Your initial/intake session  includes going over the forms + your history. Please come early to fill out forms.


Each weekly session is 
55 minutes unless a
75 minute session is


Separate fees for each.


Please call for fees.

Phone/Online Sessions

Yes, I provide Psychotherapy via phone & Zoom (online video conferencing site) for California residents.


Also, I offer Coaching, Cord Cutting and EFT Tapping sessions via phone or Zoom for clients from anywhere in the world. 


Each phone/video session is either
60 minutes OR 75 minutes long.


Please call for fees.

Cancellation Policy



If you give less than 24 hours notification to cancel, or miss your appointment, you will be charged the full price for your session.


If you know you will be late to your session, please give a courtesy call.  In most cases you will simply have a shorter session as therapist will not be able to go over your alotted time due to a full schedule.

Working with Insurance 


 I am not in-network with any insurance provider. Appointment fees are due at every session. Upon request you will be provided with a super-bill that you can submit to your insurance company for possible reimbursement.


 **Each company policy varies, so check with your provider for details of your coverage.


You, not your insurance company, are ultimately responsible for payment. What to ask is here.