I provide individual & group therapy in English & Spanish.
(in-person & via online video conference) (sorry, NO couple's therapy)

I am not just a therapist. I am trained in several modalities that synergistically comprise my holistic therapy practice:
  • 16+ years of teaching yoga & mindfulness
  • 12+ years of nutrition and herbal expertise
  • 11 years of creative expression practices & trainings
  • 10 years of transformational coaching experience
  • and 5 years as a Domestic Violence Counselor
I am an expert in healing from the effects of Trauma (such as PTSD), spiritual exploration, and major life changes. Working with me is time and money well spent because I'm not here to drag you along for years on end, but rather I'm here to empower you to awaken your self-guidance system, embrace your authentic self, open to a life worth living, and step onto the unique life-path that has your name on it.
I Specialize In:

Healing Our Woundings From the World:
  Effects of Trauma: such as PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, & Panic Attacks, Grief, and more.

  Effects of Previous Unhealthy Relationships:
  such as Low Self-Esteem, Lack of Self-Confidence, Inability to Make Decisions for Oneself,  
  Mistrust of Others, Clinginess, Feelings of Not Being Enough, Repeating Negative Patterns, etc.
Self-Care: for HSPs, Empaths, Introverts, after Divorce, Abuse Survivors, Caretakers,
                     Work/Life Balance, Stress Management
Exploration of: Self, Spirituality, Mind/Body Connection, LBGTQQIA issues, Polyamory
                                issues, Transpersonal issues, Career Goals
Skill-Building: such as Healthy Interpersonal Boundaries, Mindfulness Skills,
                             Creativity Skills, Self-Soothing Skills, Self-Empowerment, Emotional Regulation

Self-Soothing Techniques

Get your brain out of the fight/flight/freeze loop so that you can enjoy life after trauma.




Reduction of Panic & Anxiety Attacks

Learn how to take control over your life again and stop wearing your trauma like a badge of honor.



Peel back the layers of labels, defenses, and survival mechanisms to reveal your authentic self.




Process Partner

 Obtain the witnessing and validation you  need as you process your life events.  Create the way of being in the world that  works best for you.


What to Expect: