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looking up through the trees


"Let's inhale possibility and exhale limitation." ~ Mariana Caplan



"Presence is the vantage point in life." ~ Danielle LaPorte



"Peace is the result of retraining your mind to process life as it is, rather than as you think it should be."
~ Wayne Dyer



“Life is a dance between what you desire most and what you fear most."
~ Tony Robbins

Is Therapy for Me?


If you're unsure whether or not therapy is for you,
take this quiz below.


Each question will have a 'yes' or 'no' answer.


[  ]     I need some new tools to help me be more successful-in life, love,
         career, etc.  Psychotherapy is a tool that anyone can use to create
         more success in life.


[  ]     I have a lot of stuffed emotions inside from the past that I've never
         talked to anyone about before, and they're starting to affect my
         everyday life.  Psychotherapy helps you unpack old emotions and
        make sense of them


[  ]     I don't know how to deal with stress or conflict. I get so
         overwhelmed that I feel like I'm drowing sometiems.
         Psychotherapy teaches new skills for dealing with stress and
         conflict & offers a safe place to practice the new skills.


[  ]     I don't know what I want out of life anymore-nothing is meaningful
         or brings me joy. Psychotherapy leads to a greater understanding
        of oneself that can enable you to discover & attract what is
        meaningful and important for you


[  ]     I've experienced a traumatic event that I can't seem to shake: I still
         think about it, have nightmares about it, and have more fear in my
         life now because of it. Psychotherapy can help one find their sense
         of self and safety in the world after experiencing or witnessing a
         traumatic event.


[  ]     I have a really hard time making decisions for myself, trusting
         myself and/or others, believing in myself, or feeling worthy of love
         and/or what I want in life.  Psychotherapy can help a person re-
         build their self-confidence & self-worth


[  ]     I'm really struggling with the changes in my life from my new job,
         moving, divorce, returning home from war, losing a loved one, etc.
        Psychotherapy can help a perseon adjust to major changes as they 
        integrate their thoughts and feelings about what has happened and
        what's possible now


[  ]     I'd really like to explore my sense of Self, my Spirituality, the
         Mind/Body Connection, LBGTQIA issues, Polyamory issues,
         Transpersonal issues, and/or Career Goals. Psychotherapy
         provides a safe container for self-exploration as well as discerning
         your truths and preferred ways of being in the world


[  ]     I want more Mindfulness Skills, Creativity Skills, Self-Soothing
         Skills, and/or Self-Empowerment skills in my life. Psychotherapy
         provides a safe container for skill-building as well.


[  ]     I feel like a doormat. Everyone walks all over me and takes
         advantage of me and I'm ready for that to stop! But I don't know
         how. Psychotherapy is also a great container for learning to create
         healthy interpersonal boundaries and standing up for yourself.


[  ]     I'm so sensitive to everyone and everything around me. As an
         Empath, Introvert, or HSP, I'm having a hard time coping with the
         world right now. Psychotherapy can help sensitive people create
         systems, boundaries, and skills to help them appreciate their
         sensitive gift while maintaining their sense of safety in the world
         and a deeper sense of inner peace.


[  ]     My job is to manage or take care of other people, and I'm really
         great at it, but I can't seem to take care of myself very well. I'm
         burnt out, stressed out, depressed, and losing my love for my
         work. Psychotherapy can help anyone, especially those in
         the helping industries, to create better boundaries around their
         own self-care & nurturing so that they can enjoy their work &
         feel nourished at the same time.


If you answered 'yes' to even one of the above questions,
you are highly-motivated & ready for therapy!



If you'd like to read more about how therapy can be beneficial, read this article, and this one, and this one. And one more for good measure.



Therapy may not be for you if you answer 'yes' to any of the following:

[  ]     I'm not really interested in doing self-reflection, or being honest about how
         I could do things differently in life in order to get the different results that
         I  desire. I just don't have the energy, desire or will-power to do that now.


[  ]     I don't have time to commit to a weekly therapy session or do homework.


[  ]     All I want to do is complain about other people in my life because I know 
          I'm right & they're wrong, so I really just want someone to agree that I'm
          right. That's all that matters to me.


[  ]     I don't care about optimizing or even enhancing my life experiences.


[  ]     I just want to be told what to do and be given the "magic pills" that fix
         everything for me. I don't want to have to put any effort in myself.


[  ]     I'm not responsible for my thoughts or actions. I always have a reason
         why someone else is to blame.




There's no judgment here-if you find yourself saying 'yes' to any of the 6 statements above, but you know it's not serving your life, then the next question to ask yourself is:


            am I ready to let go of this way of being?  


If the answer is "not yet," then now you know you're not ready to take on the task of making shifts in that area of your life.  
No shame, that's just where you are right now.


However, if  the answer is "Yes, I'm tired of living this way and I need help getting out of this pattern," then contact me to set up an appointment, and let's make SHIFT happen!

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