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for your Mind, Body, Soul


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What is This About?

Have you ever wanted to just gift a friend, or yourself, with tools and experiences you know will help them get through difficult times?


Me too! With all the chaos and suffering happening around us this past year, I’ve been looking for ways that I can help more people.

As a psychotherapist and a yoga/meditation instructor, I have many, many tools that help me deal with difficult life situations, and I get to share them with my clients and students.

Now I've figured out a way to share them with more people, whether you are my client or not!

That's Why I Created the "Digital" Care Package

I decided to put together a care package with healing tools for your mind, body and soul, and make it digital, so you can have instant access!

How Will This Help Me?

Thanks to 2020, we are being asked to be with a lot of difficult things right now: grief, loss, rage, blatant injustice (this is not new, but for a lot of people, they are seeing it for the first time), fear, anxiety, uncertainty and more.


We’re collectively experiencing such a mixture of emotional states on a daily basis that it’s crazy-making and depleting!

The "Digital" Care Package is a no-strings-attached “care package” with mind/body tools that you can instantly download and immediately begin using to help you cope with any of life’s challenges. 

Each month will support a different theme, such as:

  • Coming Home to Yourself

  • Meeting Yourself Where You're At

  • Flowing with Change

  • Honoring Your Body, and more!

What's Included?

Each month's "Digital" Care Package is an instant download that includes the following:

  • 45-75 min all-levels Yoga class video ($15 value)

  • 20-40 min EFT Tap-along video ($15 value)

  • 5-15 min Meditation audio ($10 value)

  • Journaling Prompts on Monthly Theme pdf ($10 value)


PLUS 1-3 of the following (different each month):

  • 5-15 min Guided Breathwork video ($10 value)

  • Printable Art Affirmation Cards pdf ($10 value)

  • 10-20 min Guided Nature Encounter audio ($10 value)

  • Recipes that supprt the month's theme ($10 value)

There will be a different theme/care package each month that hasn't been offered anywhere else. No part of it will be repeated, and each month will only be offered for a limited time, so grab your copy while it's available!

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What's in the Monthly Voyage of Discovery Within Yourself:

  • Yoga + Therapeutic Movement class

  • EFT Tap-along video 

  • Guided Meditation audio

  • Art Activity

  • Affirmation Cards

  • Coloring Pages

  • Journaling Prompts (PDF)

  • Story Telling: Poem Reading


More Details:

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Purchase this month's package

You get instant access to the
current month's edition of "Radiant You". 

3 month DCP.png

3 months

Save 10% by choosing the 3-month option. You will receive
the current month plus the
next 2 months as they
become available.

12 month DCP.png

Entire 2021 Collection

Purchase the entire 12-month set of 2021's "Digital" Care Packages and get 2 months free!
You will receive the current month + previous months to start, and then the following months as they become available.

By purchasing the DCP you will be added to my newsletter to be updated when new versions are released. ZERO spam. You can unsubscribe at anytime.

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