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Energy Clearing

Energy Clearing is a remote intuitive offering that can give you an
instant boost in mood, reduction of stress, and overall sense of wellbeing.

Read on more more details.


What Does it Help With?

  • Reduce the Strength of Fears, Worries,
    Self-Doubt & Limiting Beliefs

  • Reduce Negative Thought Patterns

  • Relieve Mental Fog and "Draggy" Energy

  • Feel Ease in your Physical Body

  • Make Space for Clarity of Self and Goals

  • Reduce General Overwhelm & Overstimulation

  • and more!

Why Do I Need This?

​Ever feel like you're carrying other people's "stuff"? Like their emotional baggage, current mood, beliefs, or general funk? It happens, especially to Sensitives! Even though the energy field around your body and in your environment is invisible to most people, it's still an important part of your well-being that can deeply affect how good, or bad, you feel on a regular basis. Just like our physical bodies need cleaning on a regular basis, so does our "energy body."

  • Some examples of how your energy field can become gunky:

    • HSP’s, Empath, and generally sensitive folk simply soak up the energy field around them, for better or worse

    • Reiki practitioners generate beautiful healing energy that is very attractive to negative energy

    • Cannabis users open themselves up to negative energies simply as a side effect of the ingestion of the plant

    • People with poor interpersonal boundaries unwittingly invite all kinds of energies into their field

    • People living in a situation that causes repeated/unavoidable trauma creates a weakening of the energy field 

Plus, even if you cleanse your energy once, it's not like it's "one and done." Remember, if you’re out rolling in the mud, take a shower, and then go back to rolling in the mud, well, you’re not going to stay clean for very long, are you? If you sense your energy getting gunky again right away, it’s time to evaluate what you are exposing yourself to, and if you have the power to reduce your exposure. If not, I recommend a regular energy clearing, perhaps weekly.

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Remote Intuitive Energy Clearings are NOT intended to diagnose, cure, or treat any disease or illness. Nor does it replace medical advice from a qualified doctor. If you have an existing medical condition or injury, make sure to heed all instructions given to you by your doctor. Do not stop taking medications without your doctor's approval.

How Long is a session?

Remote Energy Clearings are brief and can vary from 20-30 min.

Do I need to be present for it to work?

No, in fact, since I am only offering these as remote sessions, it means that you won't be present during the clearing. 

I will however give you a timeframe in which I will be conducting the clearing so you can tune inward at that time to see what you notice.

My Promise 
to you:

I intend to perform your energy clearing at the soonest time available as I know that it's likely you

are feeling distressed
at the time of purchase.

My intention is that you find this energy clearing useful and valuable to you.

Is this therapy?

No, this is not Psychotherapy, and having a Remote Energy Clearing session does not make you my therapy client, but rather, my Remote Energy Clearing client.

What will I feel during the clearing?

It depends on your level of self-awareness, sensitivity to energy, and presence during the time I am conducting it. Some people feel energy movement, and others simply do not.

What I tell clients is to take note of how you feel before the clearing happens, and any physical, mental, or emotional ailments you may be experiencing.


Then, once I've notified you that the clearing is complete, check in with yourself about how you're feeling to see if there's a difference.

What exactly are you clearing?

There are 30 things I look for and clear, such as energetic blocks, negative patterns, and  disturbances to your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being, to name a few.

How often does one need this?

It depends on you, your sensitivity to the energy fields of other people and places, how strong your boundaries are, and how often you engage with "gunky" energy.

What happens afterwards?

When I am done with the clearing, I will email you and also give any "homework" and after care protocols to get the most out of the clearing.

Generally after energy work you want to be sure to hydrate with water and electrolytes. You may want to journal as well since your energy will be very clear. Taking a walk outside and meditating are also great things to do after an energy clearing. 

How do I schedule & Pay for a session?

You can use the contact form to ask questions, but you don't need to schedule directly with me.

Payment must be made FIRST to hold your spot in line to receive a clearing.​

**Please email me a current picture of you so I can connect to you energetically.


$49 for standard clearing within 1-3 business days (no weekends or holidays)

$89 for rush clearing within 4-6 hours of purchase.

$175 for 4 clearings done weekly over 1 month period.

Do you offer refunds?

No refunds are made for this service.

You will be given an estimate of when your energy clearing will happen after purchase. Wait time depends on how many people are ahead of you. You will be notified when your energy clearing is complete & you will be given Homework + Aftercare instructions. Jessica Ruby does not make any guarantees, and this should not be used for serious medical ailments for which a qualified doctor should be seen. This is not a replacement for any medical advice or medication. Monthly option is recurring until you cancel, no refunds.


"Ruby is a phenomenally talented, magical, wildly intuitive, loving healer. Simply sharing energy space with her is grounding, and her energetic gifts don’t stop there. Every single time I have had Ruby cut a negative energy cord or clear my energy of the stuff-of-life stickiness, I feel it viscerally, deeply. The way she so adeptly and efficiently assists in your personal, vulnerable alchemical process is pure magick. 

When Ruby cleared my energy, I was out running errands, and I gave her the go ahead to do it sometime over the next hour and then promptly forgot. Until I literally stopped in the store and noticed my vibrant feeling body and my restored emotional stability—try as I might to access the *cringe* that had been readily accessible for days after a difficult situation, I could not! I noted the time, and sure enough, as I would soon hear from her, this was towards the end of the process! 

She can’t do your alchemy for you, of course; but she can clear your working environment (your body!) and make the process a lot less daunting!"

~AmaJean, Virginia, USA

"Ruby has done 2 cord cuttings and 2 energy clearings for me over the past year. All four magical workings were powerful and perfect for me each time!

Prior to my most recent energy clearing, I had been feeling extremely sluggish and agitated for at least a week, despite my usual optimism. I had been going through issues on several fronts that had begun to really wear me down, physically and psychically. Ruby told me in the beginning of the week that she would be doing the energy clearing one day that week but did not give me a specific day. She did say that she would let me know once it was done, though. 

I went to work one day… I think it was a Wednesday. Surprisingly, halfway through work, I suddenly started feeling lighter, less agitated, and just flat out buoyant. It was as if a weight of sludge had lifted from my entire being! I wondered to myself if Ruby had done the clearing, yet. And, I kid you not, I got a message from Ruby within the next 30 minutes asking how I felt! She had just pulled out a whopping 1500 negative entities from my energy field! 

I can tell you, energy is real and Ruby is a master at manipulating it. I am a firm believer in Ruby’s abilities! If I ever feel murky or in need of an energy clearing, I’ll be calling her asap!"

~Tonya Wise, Alabama, USA

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