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Inner Quest  for Self-Love

When you accept yourself, you love yourself; and when you love yourself, that's what you can give away to the world love.”

It's amazing how taking the time to shower love on yourself can create such a powerful wave of healing in your life. 

Jessica Ruby Hernandez


About The Email Course

Each day will vary in length of time it takes to complete the exercise. Some days are 10 min, some days could take up to an hour depending on how much you put into it. Know that whatever works for you, as long as you truly engage with the material, is just perfect.

This is an inner process. You will be invited at times to share pieces of your process on our private Facebook group page that I will create, but otherwise, you are not required to interact with other students to complete this program. It is up to you if you interact with others at all.

You will receive a daily email from me with instructions and/or a video for the day's activity.  

There will be integration days included to give you time to finish the longer activities from previous days if necessary. Essentially, this is a program that you can do at your own pace. You can buy it at any time of the year and do it in 30 or even 60 days or more. Don’t pressure yourself to finish it quicker than you’re able to. This should be an enjoyable process, not a rushed one.

What You Will Need

a.  Journal to write in. Journaling hand-written is best, but journaling on the computer is ok too if necessary.

b.   Self-care inspiring images from old magazines, glue sticks, and scissors, for collage day--OR--you can choose to do your collage online with downloaded pictures and a picture program such as Picassa that can create collages for you.

c.   Quiet time/space during your activities-uninterrupted

d.   Open-heart an open-mind

e.   Willingness to try new things to improve your relationship with yourself

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