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I MAY NOT be the right therapist for you if:


Let's face it, I can't be all things to all people, nor would I want to be!
So here's some ways to tell if I'm definitely not the therapist you're looking for.


You expect coddling and enabling so that you can continue to feel "right" and/or a victim of your circumstances.


While I will always provide an empathetic ear & honor that they have suffered in life, my clients are ready to stop playing the “victim” of life. Besides, why would you want to pay me to just listen to you complain week after week? I’m here to empower you to step out of the Victim role and support you through your own unique empowerment process. All you need to begin is a willingness.


You are unwilling to look at yourself, your thoughts, and your behaviors objectively with the intent to optimize your life experience.


This can be painful, I know-I’ve been there! And you don’t have to race through this-it’s more like the process of peeling an onion to reveal the next layer, and then the next, and then the next, etc.


You insist on blaming others and/or making excuses for where you're at in life.


Again, people come to me for self-empowerment, and blaming others and making excuses are never empowering. My job is to help you take ownership of your life, make peace with the past & where you’re currently at, and then take baby steps towards the life you’d rather have.


You’re un-interested or disagree on how your body, mind, and spirit are connected.


You may also think the earth is flat, and that’s ok: you have free will & you’re entitled to believe anything that makes sense to you; however, I’m probably not the best therapist to work with you if that’s the case as our fundamental beliefs about how a person heals may be too different.


You’re closed-minded and despise trying new things.


You could say I’m not your typical talk-therapist. I’m creative and eclectic in my therapeutic approaches, and if trying new things freaks you out, I may not be the therapist best suited for you.


You hate using creative expression as a form of personal exploration.


While I certainly can’t, and wouldn’t, force any of my clients to try any particular therapeutic exercise, I do tend to offer creative exercises often. So if that’s something you’re totally against, I may not be the best fit for you!


You refuse to pay attention to your body or your relationship to your body.


Again, my therapeutic come-from is that the mind, body, & spirit are connected, and the health of the whole (You!) depends on the health of each of these parts as well as how integrated they are. If you have no interest in caring for your body or acknowledging how your body’s dis-ease could be affecting your mental health, or vice-versa, then I may not be the best therapist for you.


You refuse to allow your spiritual side to be present in your life.


There’s a difference between refusing to nurture your spiritual side, and not knowing how to nurture your spiritual side. I can teach you how to nurture your soul-in a non-religious manner, but if you’re not interested in fully embodying your life with body~mind~soul, then I may not be the best therapist for you.


You expect me to give you all the answers and tell you what to do.
Or wave a magic wand.


I am your thinking partner and "light-shiner." Many people ares scared & hiding from themselves as well as the rest of the world. I help you unconceal yourself and shine the light on how you’re being in the world. I may give suggestions for other ways of being in the world, but YOU, my dear client, are ultimately responsible for deciding what is best for your life.


Oh, and although I do have a magic wand, it’s just for decoration!


There's no judgment here-if you find yourself saying 'yes' to any of the 9 statements above, but you know it's not serving your life, then the next question to ask yourself is:


                                am I ready to let go of this way of being?  


If the answer is "not yet," then now you know you're not ready to take on the task of making shifts in that area of your life.  No shame, it's just where you are right now.


However, if  the answer is "Yes, I'm tired of living this way and I need help getting out of this pattern," then contact me to set up an appointment, and let's make SHIFT happen!

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