Buy the next 3 months of Digital Care Package for your Mind, Body, Soul to save money. 


Each monthls package is a different instant download that includes the following:

  • 60-75 min all-levels Yoga class video ($15 value)

  • 20-40 min EFT Tap-along video ($15 value)

  • 5-15 min Meditation audio ($10 value)

  • Journaling Prompts on Monthly Theme pdf ($10 value)


PLUS 1-3 of the following (different each month):

  • 5-15 min Guided Breathwork video ($10 value)

  • Printable Art Affirmation Cards pdf ($10 value)

  • 10-20 min Guided Nature Encounter audio ($10 value)


(You will receive the current month plus the following 2 month's packages.)

3-pack of "Digital" Care Package