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Letting Go to Receive

Sounds like a paradox, doesn't it? How can letting go help me to receive? For starters, imagine you've got your hands full carrying 3 bags of groceries around your house, just in case you need them, and someone tries to hand you some ice cream, which you love. You're going to have to put down at least one bag, maybe two, in order to grab the ice cream, right? Sometimes we're so focused on the groceries in our hands (or, ahem, more likely the trash bags in our hands) that we have no room, no bandwidth, no capacity to receive something else-even something we might desire, like ice cream! ;)

How can we receive a delightful surprise when we're too busy carrying around our garbage from the past?

Or, try this: picture a child who insists on wearing an old, tattered, too-small sweatshirt in their favorite color. everywhere they go. Their parents desperately want the child to give up the old sweatshirt that has stains and doesn't fit right so that they can replace it with a brand new one that's In their current size. Exact same sweatshirt as the one the child has outgrown, but the child refuses.

How can we receive "something better" if we are fixated on the old that no longer serves us?

Now is the Time to Assess What You're Ready to Let Go of Personally, I love looking to nature for cues on what to do with myself each season, and this time of year, Autumn in the northern hemisphere, is the time to release and let go of what no longer gives us vitality and life, then pull our energy inward, and store nutrients in order to survive through winter.

This is why we clean out our closets, get rid of the accumulated stuff we no longer use, remove stale connections on social media, put an end to habits that are energy-draining, and do detox programs for our bodies to release accumulates toxins and waste.

Thus, I'm seeing a need to assess what it is that I am ready to release, let go of and "compost" so that I can focus my energy on what does bring nourishment, joy, and peace to my soul as we move into the hibernation months. Letting go creates the space for newer, better aligned, and fresher ideas, friendships, habits, business ventures, levels of health, and more! What might that look like for you?


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