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Where Our Pain Hides

I want to chat about with you an article I found on Oprah's website. I like how the author points out hiding places that are not exactly obvious, but are serious triggers for flashbacks, hyper startle, and perhaps feeling as if you're in the situation that initially created your pain in the first place. These are all symptoms of PTSD. It really gets you thinking, doesn't it. Where's my pain hiding out? What is the pain behind my perfectionism, my defense mechanisms, or even my anger? (Yes, pain is usually what's behind anger. Along with fear.) Then, once you find the pain, what do you do with it? How do you make it stop or go away? These are all great questions to bring to therapy! With some

Your Weirdness

Artwork by: Archan Nair This says it all, doesn't it? To me this picture represents complete and total self-acceptance. Your gifts AND your scars make you who you are. Your weirdness AND your "normalness" make you complete. Your pain that you hide from others for fear of judgment? Yeah, it plays a role in allowing you to feel deeply and find compassion for others' pain as well. For some reason, it seems that to love yourself and accept yourself this deeply is considered a radical act. I'd like to see this be the new "norm." It is all a part of this experience we're collectively having called being human. We're all in this together. No human escapes the experience of being human. So the next

To the Client sitting across from me...

I see you. You think there's nothing there, but I see your essence, your inner glow. I'm laughing because you're so flipping brilliant and yet you're convinced that you're comparable to a big pile of poo. Your survival mechanisms have so cleverly fooled you and many others over the years, hiding your true self,...but I see you there. I will help you see yourself as well, and excavate your authentic self so that you can shine your unique light on the world. What are you waiting for? Tell your ego/inner critic that you're going to try something new for a while: learning to love yourself. Sincerely, me #survivalmechanisms #ego #innercritic #hello #selfacceptance #innerglow #photo

Freedom to Be You Without Judgment

What are the coolest things about seeing a therapist? You get to talk to someone who's like your best friend, but you don't have to listen to any of their problems. Therapy happens in a safe "container", meaning the therapist's office is your safe place to: express yourself, ask or say the things you're afraid everyone else will question your sanity for asking/saying, practice new ways of being in the world. You have the freedom to be 100% YOU-no judgments. #beinghuman #listening #lgbtqq #polyamory #respect #selfacceptance #therapist #witness

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