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Finding Your Wellness Rhythm

Our society is not set up to support individual wellbeing, to build resilience, or even to have work-health-relationship balance. If we truly want this, we have to pave our own way, and create our own rhythms that support our individual needs. But how?

Here's 4 tips:

Get really clear about what you want and need to feel supported in your daily life.

Do you need to set up structures for taking care of your wellness, such as deciding what time and how often you work out, or hiring a coach to keep you accountable, or block out self-care time, family time and leisure time on your calendar?

Do you need more than you've been giving yourself in terms of time, quality, and quantity of wellness practices? Is what you're currently doing enough to keep you nourished, support you in thriving and help you manage stress in a sustainable way? OR do you need to amp up the wellness practices?

Do you even know what wellness practices feel supportive and useful to you? Do you need to experiment and try out some new wellness practices? Do you need to get more serious about what you've tried that you already know works?

Take some time to journal about your most supported self, what that would look like and feel like, and how it might change how you be in the world with this level of support, inner and outer.

2. Set boundaries around your wellness practices.

Protect these practices that nourish and support you as if they were your precious children. These are not the things to drop off your schedule as soon as you get stressed and overwhelmed. These are not the activities to kick down the road and push off for "tomorrow," These are the daily habits and practices that build your resilience, keep you healthy and agile, and help you have a positive outlook on life. They are the practices that will get you through the stress and overwhelm! They are to be non-negotiable, as if your life and your health and your happiness depends on these practices--because they do!

Block off the time in your calendar. Tell your loved ones about your new schedule and ask them to support you in it. Invite them to join you as well. Having an accountability buddy is a great way to stay dedicated.

3. Find your devotion and dedication, and the discipline will follow.


Remind yourself of your big "why" for taking on these practices. Why are you even bothering to uplevel your wellness? What will it mean for you? Your family? Your career? Why does your wellbeing matter? (hint: it absolutely does matter--that part is not in question! But it will be different for every person why it matters.)

When you struggle with motivation to keep up your wellness practices, come back to why you chose to devote yourself to them in the first place.


Dedicate each act of wellness to your future self, "I'm doing this for you, Future Me!" Dedicate it to the relationships that will benefit from you being your best self. If you have kids, dedicate your wellness practices to modeling for them how to be healthy, balanced, happy adults who prioritize taking care of themselves and being their best self.

When you find a reason, or many, for doing these acts of wellness, more specifically a reason that lights you up, you will want to do the practices even more, and crave them! Don't believe me? Test it out for yourself ;-)

4. Celebrate your wins.

In our fast-paced society, it's very common to gloss over the wins and accomplishments, especially the smaller ones, and just move on to the next task, goal, or project.

That's why it can really make a difference when you pause and take notice of how good it feels to take care of yourself in this manner that works best for you. How good it feels to dedicate a portion of each day to nurturing your body, mind, or soul. Celebrate your dedication to making sure that you are thriving and enjoying life. Pat yourself on the back for finding your own path to wellness, that feels authentic and fits you like a glove.

Take it to the next level and make a Jar of Wins. Each time you want to celebrate an accomplishment, write it on a piece of paper and pop it in your jar. At the end of the year, you can go back through them and celebrate all the small and big wins you had that got you to where you are now.


If you want clarity on how to find the right wellness practices for you, or clarity on what you want in life, or accountability for the practices, join me for one of the following:

Affirmations are a great tool to use in speaking to the subconscious mind about your vision for your life. In this 90 minute zoom workshop, you'll first get clear on your vision for yourself, find the words that clearly articulate it, and clear any inner resistance that may come up.

Struggling with forward motion in your life? Stuck in unhealthy habits around health or relationships? Atuck in fear and anxiety about "playing bigger" in life? This group coaching program is designed to help you get unstuck as well as build resilience along the way.

Accountability Group Coaching Program Need some friends to hold you accountable for following through on your goals this year? Show up monthly to name and claim what you wish to accomplish, and be supported and cheered along by other people also driven to succeed this year.

Inner Alchemy: RESILIENCE

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