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Answering Your Soul's Calling Can Mean Doing Scary Things!

Updated: May 20

Have you ever endeavored to create something bigger than yourself? So big that it scared you a little bit, or a lot?

I have embarked on this journey, and it began in November 2023. Here we are now in May 2024 and I am so proud and humbled by how this project has all come together. I had to think bigger than ever before, and let myself dream bigger than ever before.

What am I talking about?

My soul called me to produce and host an online summit. GULP! A few years ago I would have said "hell no!" to such an idea. But this year, it felt like a growing edge worth exploring. I had the capacity to expand in this manner, and boy did I ever!!

announcement of Leaders of the New Aeon Online Summit Airing May 20-24, 2024

I have produced and hosted an online summit called Leaders of the New Aeon: the Harmonic Resonance of Stepping Into Your Soul's Calling. 

It was quite the transformational process for myself. I had to learn how to do a lot of new things in a short amount of time. I had to face my own fears and insecurities, even ones I didn't know I had. Boy has my comfort zone been stretched and expanded!

The cherry on top was getting to meet and interview all of my expert speakers, and share their wisdom with the world. They are truly remarkable humans, walking their talk, and creating a better world for us to live in, each in their own unique way. 

I hope you tune in!

The summit will air May 20–24, 2024. Visit the summit website to register and get all the juicy details! 

Whether you’re looking to become a leader in your own life, or a leader in your community, you will learn through a holistic lens in the summit how to lead with grace, integrity, confidence, and resilience. 

ANd when I say become a leader, I'm talking about answering your soul's calling--even if it calls for doing scary things!

Together, we will create the world we want to live in, because it’s true: we are the ones we have been waiting for!


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