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Messages From the Akashic Records-June 2023

As a newly certified Akashic Records Reader, I have decided to start a fun little project: channeling a message for the people who follow me to give you something to focus on for each month. If you are reading this, thank you for following me, and I hope this message is of use to you.

I'm excited to see where this takes us over time! As with all intuitive readings, take what resonates and leave the rest behind.

Message from the Akashic Records, channelled June 6, 2023:

I was first given a visual, a scene of being in a sandstrom of white sands blowing around and blurring my vision.

It’s on purpose right now, this your instincts.

You are meant to learn to lean into your internal guidance system as you navigate through chaos. It’s all over the planet right now, we know.

You would do well to have these skills. Don’t be shy, don’t be scared to trust yourself. That is what you are here to learn.

We are watching you fall and get up… we know you can navigate with your eyes closed, you just aren’t used to doing this, so it feels very foreign right now. Train yourself to see in the dark. To seek the truth of the matter. What resonates with your body as truth?

Practice and it will come to you. You will need this skill later in life. Perhaps even now. You were never meant to detach from your bodies they way you have been taught to do. No blame or shame, just begin to "truth" your way forward by trusting your inner guidance.

We are the light that guides the ships in the dark, and we are guiding you through your dark period as well. We want you to shine; we want you to give others permission to shine. You don’t need this permission from each other, but you seem to value it.

You will do well. Trust in yourself. We are guiding you by sunlight and moonlight.

We love and adore you immensely.


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