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Your Weirdness

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

Artwork by: Archan Nair

This says it all, doesn't it?

To me this picture represents complete and total self-acceptance.

Your gifts AND your scars make you who you are.

Your weirdness AND your "normalness" make you complete.

Your pain that you hide from others for fear of judgment? Yeah, it plays a role in allowing you to feel deeply and find compassion for others' pain as well.

For some reason, it seems that to love yourself and accept yourself this deeply is considered a radical act.

I'd like to see this be the new "norm." It is all a part of this experience we're collectively having called being human.

We're all in this together. No human escapes the experience of being human.

So the next time someone laughs at your pain, just know that deep down they're laughing because they're relived to know they're not the only one in pain.

Feel free to share this picture with them.

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