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Can You Be This Present?

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

You don't have to go chasing adrenaline like this guy to be present in your life, though it's an automatic given that you will focus on the present when your life is in danger-for fun or otherwise.

Being present in your life can take on many forms:

  • counting the petals on a flower as you stop to smell it

  • noticing the creases in your baby's chubby little fingers

  • counting the clouds or stars in the sky

  • smiling at yourself in the mirror as you wash your hands

  • taking 3 deep breaths before you speak or begin a new project

  • pausing to give gratitude before you eat your meal

  • writing in your journal about how you feel today

  • noticing all the different sounds you hear as you slowly walk in nature

Do these sound like the activities of a "dreamer" or a person disconnected with the reality of the hustle and bustle lifestyle so many of us lead? Perhaps; however, people who practice simple activities like what's listed above tend to be less stressed, less worried, more healthy, and more happy in their lives.

Choose your moments wisely. But don't worry if you don't like the moment you're having- you can choose differently in the next moment.

So don't be shy, what are some simple ways you can become more present in your daily life?

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