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Flowing with Change: What Does That Look Like?

What does that even mean, you might ask? What if I don't want to change? Change sounds scary? I don't think I'd like it. I'm happy with how things are. I'd rather be stuck with what I understand than have to learn something new....

I've heard much of the above before, and probably even said or thought some of them myself at times! We humans don't always take a liking to things changing in our lives, even when that change can be a positive thing. But change happens, and we can either flow with it, or fight it. Sure, there's plenty of just reasons to fight negative change, but don't be so quick to put up walls to positive change in your life.

There's lots of ways you can accomplish being with change in a healthy manner. Whether it's graceful, or clumsy, flowing with change first takes a willingness to evolve, to let go and let life adjust itself as needed, and a willingness to become the best version of yourself possible in this moment.

Here's some ideas to get you started with opening your mind to allowing change in your life.

Flow with change can look like:

  • Accepting yourself, even if you're not as far along in your goals as you'd prefer.

  • Listening to your body, and taking care of its needs in the moment, even if it feels "inconvenient."

  • Noticing when you're triggered into distress by something, and pausing to help your nervous system relax, and your mind to slow down to the speed of your breath.

  • Rolling with the things that Life throws at you, and showing up to the best of your ability, without judging yourself harshly, or putting yourself down for not doing it "good enough."

  • Allowing the people, circumstances, "things," and job titles that are no longer a good fit for you to either fall away or evolve. (but sometimes we have to do the walking away-I know, that's the hard part!)

  • Picking up + dedicating yourself to new habits because you aim to take care of yourself on a higher level.

Those aren't so scary, are they?! I invite you to pick one of the above, and give it a try for a day. You can always go back to your old habits and ways of being if they truly feel more aligned with who you are and who you want to be in the world!


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