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Messages From the Akashic Records-May 2023

As a newly certified Akashic Records Reader, I have decided to start a fun little project: channeling a message for the people who follow me to give you something to focus on for each month. If you are reading this, thank you for following me, and I hope this message is of use to you.

I'm excited to see where this takes us over time! As with all intuitive readings, take what resonates and leave the rest behind.

Message from the Akashic Records, channelled May 7, 2023:

Feeling the heat?

It’s there to make you make a move.

The burns get your attention, and you do something about it. Make the necessary changes, now is the time.

You will be ok; these are minor burns. But pay attention to and tend to them, or the burn will be worse next time…remember the proverbial 2x4? We hope to help you avoid that.

Life loves you, this isn’t punishment; it’s to get you on the right course for YOU…you may have been led astray, and that’s ok. It happens to the best of us. Use the burns as wake-up calls to go back to the path that has your name on it.

Churn butter, fold laundry, toil in the the grunt work to gain clarity if you are unsure.

Moving meditation keeps you in your moving center--to avoid stagnation and also avoid over-analyzing and analysis paralysis.

We feel your reluctance, but know that you can do this—it may be scary, but it’s necessary. Jump and the net with appear. Trust.

Of course you still have free will, but if you want ease, listen to the urges of your soul and intuitive hits. You are being guided gently whether you realize it or not.

End each day with gratitude, even for the little burns, for they are helping you live the life that is meant for you. You are so worthy of your dreams. Please remember this. Your worth was never in question from our viewpoint. It’s something you learned to do from small-minded people. Stop listening to them. Choose your worthiness and your knowingness over the small-minded opinions. You will do well to avoid these.

You are so loved.


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