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What is Spiritual Integration Coaching?

We’ve all had things happen to us that are difficult to explain, maybe even paranormal in some instances. These nonlinear and non-ordinary experiences can shake us to the core as they challenge our belief systems, sometimes our role in society, and what we think we know about ourselves, life, and the rest of the world. They often lead a person to seek deeper meaning in their life, their career, and in their relationships.

These experiences can be catalysts for deep inner and outer transformation and they can also be catalysts for a spiritual emergency.

They are transpersonal in nature as they force us to think beyond ourselves and our known reality.

They can be beautiful and awe-inspiring experiences, such as heavenly visits and they can also be traumatic and fear-inducing experiences, such as prolonged physical illness or injury, car accidents,

Here are some types of spiritually transformative experiences:

  • A Near Death Experiences

  • Out of Body/Astral Travel

  • Psychedelic Openings

  • Kundalini Awakening

  • After Death Communication

  • Psychic Openings

  • Visits from an angel

  • a spiritual experience in nature that’s difficult to explain

  • Any other spiritual emergence or awakening experience

Some people go through these types of experiences and come out the other side more empowered and at peace with their life than ever. These are the ones who have non-judgmental support, are open to personal evolution, and they have designated the time and space to let themselves process, heal, and develop into a more aligned and connected version of themselves.

Here’s some of the positive outcomes after successfully integrating an STE:

  • Strengthened spiritual or religious views

  • Improved behavior and attitude towards others

  • Greater empathy and compassion for others

  • A greater sense of well-being

  • A more positive outlook on life

  • A greater desire to learn

  • Increased creativity

  • Increased psychic awareness

  • Greater sense of purpose

  • Changes in values

  • Loss of the fear of death

Without support, however, people can find themselves stuck, confused, traumatized, and really questioning everything about themselves, as if they don’t know who they are anymore. They may even feel like they can’t relate to the people around them anymore and don’t know how to talk about or share their experience with others. They might find themselves with an increased sensitivity to smells, lights, chemical,, sounds, etc. They may experience anxiety, an unexplained shift in values, and a deep yearning to discover and live their life purpose.

"The very real agony of having your values and identity shift in the midst of a life full of people who have stayed the same, can be crushing." -Elizabeth Sabet

This is where a spiritual integration coach can be helpful, if nothing other than to hold down an anchor point so that you can explore what your new truth is after your spiritually transformative experience.

In this type of coaching, you will be held in a safe container to be with the emotions and the questions that are jumbled up and swirling around inside you.

By the way, spiritually transformative and transpersonal experiences happen to every type of person: rich, poor, young, old, educated, uneducated, devout religious practitioners, spiritualists, and atheists alike.

"Non-Linear, non-ordinary experiences are normal for over 49% of the general population and if understood and supported properly, are catalysts for empowerment, and for the evolution of the soul and the human species”
- Elizabeth Sabet

Some people say it feels like being in a snow globe that’s being shaken up vigorously, and they’re left to put all the pieces back together afterwards. I see it as a beautiful opportunity to rearrange your life to suit you at the highest level with your new truths and new understandings that have arrived from experiencing what you experienced.

If you need help making sense of your spiritually transformative experience, or uncovering your own belief system and understanding of life, I highly recommend working with a spiritual integration coach.

Ready to get started? Click here to schedule a discovery call to see if this type of service suits your needs.

Want more information and/or Community abut spiritually transformative experiences (STE’s)?

Want to train to become a Spiritual Integration Coach? Click here.


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