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What is Spiritual Integration Coaching?

We’ve all had things happen to us that are difficult to explain, maybe even paranormal in some instances. These nonlinear and non-ordinary experiences can shake us to the core as they challenge our belief systems, sometimes our role in society, and what we think we know about ourselves, life, and the rest of the world. They often lead a person to seek deeper meaning in their life, their career, and in their relationships.

These experiences can be catalysts for deep inner and outer transformation and they can also be catalysts for a spiritual emergency.

They are transpersonal in nature as they force us to think beyond ourselves and our known reality.

They can be beautiful and awe-inspiring experiences, such as heavenly visits and they can also be traumatic and fear-inducing experiences, such as prolonged physical illness or injury, car accidents,

Here are some types of spiritually transformative experiences:

  • A Near Death Experiences

  • Out of Body/Astral Travel

  • Psychedelic Openings

  • Kundalini Awakening

  • After Death Communication

  • Psychic Openings

  • Visits from an angel

  • a spiritual experience in nature that’s difficult to explain

  • Any other spiritual emergence or awakening experience