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Art-ing is Good for the Soul

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

This is why I love bringing art into the therapy room. Not literal pieces of art that someone else has made-although that's certainly nice to look at! I'm talking about art prompts and projects for my clients to work with in session. Why? Art--drawing, molding with clay, creative writing, painting, dancing, making music, etc, is not only good for focusing the mind and expressing oneself visually, but it's also healthy for the brain, and healing for the soul as well.

Personally, I have found making art (whether it's deemed "good art" or "crappy art") incredibly therapeutic as it gives my unconscious mind a voice and a visual outlet. It's a great non-verbal tool to process our emotions, especially the intense ones such as anger, pain, sadness, frustration. In fact, since we now know that trauma gets stored in our bodies when we are in fight, flight, freeze mode, sometimes the best way to find healing is through non-verbal creative expression.

Personally, through making art, I find deeper meaning in my every day life, and discover insights and pieces of my life experience that help me feel more connected: to myself, to others, and to the world around us.

If you weren't afraid of what people would think, what type of art would you like to make? I encourage you to try it--just for yourself!

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