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In Case of Emotional Distress...

We’ve all been there…

looking at the world events and feeling hopeless, powerless, distressed, concerned, mortified… Sick and depressed because your own life doesn’t match your personal dream,

or 2020 destroyed the dreams you had...

or maybe you’re having a crappy day/week/month and

you’re just not motivated…

Whether you’re sick from grief or sick with a cold,

when we’re in this type of emotional state, it’s hard to “think happy thoughts”

and be in the flow of love, hope, joy, and inner peace.

In fact, you probably want to scream

“F*#% that rainbow hippie unicorn fart BS right now!”

So let me help you out-

print this list and put it on your fridge, your bathroom wall, by your computer,

at work-anywhere you need an easy reminder to pull yourself out of the

emotional muck and yuck that so easily traps us all.

Because let’s face it,

even the most devoted yogi is emotional. It’s called being human!


In case of emotional distress, read and try any of the following to RAISE YOUR VIBE:

1. B r e a t h e. Duh, I know, but seriously, stop & take 3 deep breaths, or more! Feel your body release tension as you breathe. Remind yourself that you are still alive because you have a purpose. And if you don’t know what that purpose is yet, as you breathe deeply, ask that your purpose be revealed to you soon.

2. Get outside. Even a 10-20-minute walk in a natural setting boosts your energy, elevates your mood, and refreshes your body & mind. It’s called green therapy!

3. Connect within-journal. Some people find that getting their jumbled thoughts and feelings out on paper is the most helpful way to relieve their emotional distress as well as gain some clarity and motivation. Let yourself rant & rage and despair. This is your safe space to get it out!

4. Get inspired. Is there an author, coach, or a spiritual figure that inspires you? Keep their teachings easily accessible so all you have to do is reach for your podcasts, your books, or your notebook with favorite quotes to lift your spirits. Tune in now!

5. Move your body. Stop, drop and dance, stomp, or shake! A 5-minute dance jam in your living room, office, or even in your parked car does wonders. Create a playlist you love to move to and dance unabashedly. Sweat your emotional stress right off!

6. Make some noise. Ever tried vocal toning? Some examples are singing the vowels (A, E, I, O, U). Feel the vibration created in your body as you sing these sounds. It’s shaking off the stress! Then try Aaahhhh…Oooohhhh…Mmmmmnn. If you have a singing bowl, use this as you sing the sounds. Your vibe will most definitely shift!

7. Tap it Out. Ever heard of EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)? It’s a simple tool that anyone can learn & use for themselves to clear distressing emotions, even long-held & deeply buried ones, take back your personal power, & raise your vibe. You’ll be amazed at how awesome you feel when not bogged down with old emotions.

8. Find community. Drum, dance, sing, hike, craft, etc.- attend an event designed to raise your spirits with a group of people you feel safe and comfortable with. Don’t have that type of group? Be the leader and create it! Chances are other people are looking for the same thing. (online and/or socially distanced of course)

9. Be of service. Help someone. It can be a charity, a friend, or it can be a stranger, but do some type of service for another person, as simple or elaborate as you desire, & watch your spirit soar. We feel good about ourselves when we feel useful to others.

10. Do something a little bit out of your comfort zone. Something that excites and scares you a little bit. It will build your muscles of courage, tolerance for the unknown, and give you a boost of confidence and self-respect.

11. Take action. Now is the time-if you don’t like what’s going on in your local or global community, find a safe, respectful and positive way to take action. Make your voice heard. Stand up for what you believe in. We cannot watch from the sidelines any longer. We are all in this together!


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