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We Have a Self-Care Deficit

I'm just going to come right out and say it: We have a self-care deficit!

And we feel like crap about it.

So we avoid ourselves, and caring for ourselves, because if we start now, well, then we'll realize just how much we needed it for a long time, and feel bad about that. Or we'll realize how much we suck at self-care, and feel bad about that, or whatever else we're afraid to "be with."

But self-care doesn't have to be heavy, or a chore, or something to be ashamed about.

I'm taking a stand and putting the fun back in self-care!

Look at children: they do self-care all day long, and it's mostly in the form of play and rest.

Gah, what's that, right?!

As adults, we've been denied the right to do both. Either by ourselves, society, or the adults in our lives who modeled for us "this is how to be an adult." (hint: all work and no play! Sleep when you're dead!)

I'm reclaiming play and rest for adults!

Children intuit what they need, and they either do it or ask for it from an adult.

But as adults, we've become so out of tune with ourselves, with our own inner magic, that most of the time we don't even know what we want and need. Le sigh.

So what do we do now?

Ideally, self-care is a part of our daily rhythm, so we can feel our own radiance, and then know what's there and what's available to shine out to others. It will look different to every person, that's why connecting to your authentic self is so important-so you can know what you need. Until then, trial and error will help. Plus, little bits of daily self-care compound like interest, and fill your inner "love tank."

When our inner "love tank" is full, we are vibrant, lively, content, and motivated to stay devoted to the care of our own selves.

Here's where I'm inviting you into my digital world to play, and rest, and take what you need.

Because I declare that:

Self care is meant to be fun!

Self care is meant to be entertaining!

Self care is meant to be meaningful!

Self care is meant to feel good in your body!

In my world there's zero shaming for not being further along.

Zero decrees of "not good enough."

Zero judgments of "too much this" or "too little that."

There's just taking care of our bodies, relaxing our minds, and nurturing our souls.

Think of your inner child for a moment....when's the last time you connected with them?

I see your inner child as the seat of your soul.

let your soul out for air.

I invite you on a monthly journey with me. I call this experience Radiant You. It's an inner journey of wisdom and merriment, because self-care (and personal growth) can and should be fun!


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